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April 11, 2019

April 11, 2019

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Julian Assange is charged for effectively conspiring to break and enter government property to steal U.S. government secrets. That is not protected under the first amendment because that is not journalism; he is not a hero. Also, others in the media continue their obsession with Fox News because they cannot tolerate intellectual diversity so they go after them and try to destroy them. It’s nearly impossible to tell the editorials from the news in the New York Times, and the opinion commentators from the news anchors on CNN. Then, the New York Times and Washington Post won a joint-Pulitzer Prize for their erroneous coverage of the now-debunked Russian collusion scandal. Later, Michael Avenatti was accused today of hiding a $4 Million settlement from a paraplegic client using a series of shell companies and did similar with other clients’ settlements that never reached the client. Afterward, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar trampled the memories of fallen 9/11 victims and her freshman colleagues defended her and blamed those criticizing her comments as racists.


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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador withdraws asylum

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Fox News isn’t the problem, it’s the media’s obsession with Fox News

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The Fundamental Legitimacy of Donald Trump

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Opinion: Why Last Year’s Trump-Russia Pulitzer Was No Prize

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Michael Avenatti has appeared on CNN and MSNBC 108 times since March 7, says Free Beacon

Law & Crime
Avenatti Accused of Hiding $4M Settlement from ‘Mentally Ill Paraplegic’ Client, Faces Up to 335 Years in Prison

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