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March 12, 2019

March 12, 2019

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The left continues to imply that impeachment is a political process not a constitutional one. It’s preposterous to write-off the process as purely a political process. Any President of the United States must have committed a grievous offense against the people while president for impeachment to be an option. Considering that a federal prosecutor (Robert Mueller) has conducted a years-long criminal investigation and come up with nothing, it’s clear that there’s no conspiracy or obstruction, despite the lies of the talking heads on the left. Also, Democrat leadership is so radical that they’re now discussing expanding the U.S Supreme Court from 9 to 15 justices—to perpetuate judicial activism and legislation from the bench. Then, Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder want to abolish the electoral college. Later, CNN has been sued by Covington high school student Nick Sandmann for his defamation by the media, suggesting he should have been hit in the face when we was in fact the victim not the aggressor. Afterwards, the media is holding the Varsity Blues case out to be the worst college admissions scam in American History, and that’s because they can’t help but turn this into an ‘us versus them’ scenario—but it’s not nearly as sinister as the institutionalized indoctrination if ideological hegemony that occurs on campus at tuition and debt rates that border usury.


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