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March 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, There are some in the Democrat Party claiming they will use democratic socialism to run America. This will never succeed because it’s tyranny; what will succeed is liberty. I Pencil and Milton Friedman are the best ways to explain our economy. When you hear this think of how hard it is to run an economy and who in federal government will run our healthcare system? We need to fight for what belongs to us, fight against democratic socialism which should be called police state socialism. Also, the democrats have their sights on President Trump’s financial info and his children. Trump must say no and bring this all the way to the Supreme Court. Later, it’s been 2 years of the Russian investigations and we have had nothing come from it. None of the arrests or criminal proceedings have been related to the President and any sort of collusion. Finally, just weeks before the FBI raided Michael Cohen office, he pitched a book praising Trump. He painted Trump in a positive light by saying the President wasn’t dumb, crazy or a liar.


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I, Pencil: The Movie

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Milton Friedman – Socialism is Force

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The Michael Cohen Hearing Was Explosive

Hold the Revolution: Roberts Keeps Joining High Court Liberals

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RUMOR: Michael Cohen turned on Trump because Mueller threatened to send his wife to jail for 30 years!

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‘Crazy, Dumb, Paranoid, Liar’ – these things have been said about my boss…NONE of it is true!’

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