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February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino fills in. The budget compromise is not a good deal and President Trump knows this. While this may have been a bad deal, it’s certainly the best deal he can get right now and Trump has a new section of the wall to prove it. Trump has moved the needle from zero miles of fencing and zero dollars for it to today he is poised to get 55 miles of border barrier and $1.375 Billion to pay for it, with no legislative cap on bed space at border detention facilities. It’s no wonder why Trump’s approval rating is now at a 23-month high. The Democrats on the house side are doing whatever they can to hurt Trump and they don’t care if you get hurt in the process. Their only goal is regaining power in the swamp that Trump’s residency has threatened since winning his 2016 election. Then, the Senate Intelligence committee has found the same results as the House Intelligence committee —no collusion, or obstruction by Trump toward the Russians. The Skolkovo project reveals that the real collusion was with the Hillary Clinton and the Democrats supporting Russian weapons technology like the hypersonic missile. Robert Mueller is investigating a hoax and its damaging the country.


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