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January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, We now have a Democrat Party that wants to take the wealth of our citizens and transfer it to others, a Party that wants to destroy private industries, and a Party that embraces and promotes infanticide. This is called fascism! Yesterday, their Marxist ideology was called out by Billionaire Democrats Howard Shultz and Mike Bloomberg denying the idea that free healthcare is the governments sole responsibility. Then we must choose whether we will base our American system on the government as statists or upon our founding documents as constitutionalists. Republican leadership must stop embracing big government and embrace you and I—the American people! Then, where does our morality come from? Should one religion prevail over others, or should we ban religion altogether? No. Its certain that our founders wanted to perpetuate a Judeo-Christian sense of morality and deism. Killing babies is murder and the so-called moderate Governor of Virginia has showed us just how radical he really is with this new abortion bill he’s touting and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the new Kermit Gosnell hiding late-term abortion behind “reproductive rights.” When America doesn’t protect its babies you know that it’s a corrupt dying culture. Also, a European newspaper released a 1998 video of a shirtless, then-Mayor, Bernie Sanders in Russia singing “This Land is Your Land” with several shirtless Russians in Moscow. Mysteriously the video was published recently and then taken down by the same European newspaper. Afterwards, new information from Investors Business Daily proves that more election fraud than was suspected took place in Texas due to non-citizens voting.


VAHouseDems proposed legislation to provide abortions up to just seconds before that precious child takes their first breath.

Virginia Governor Defends Letting Infants Die

Democrats distance themselves from Harris’ call to eliminate private health plans

Bernie and Jane on their honeymoon in Russia singing “This land is Your Land” with their Russian comrades!!

NTK Network
Sherrod Brown Supports Kamala Harris’s Plan to Eliminate Private Health Insurance in America

Washington Free Beacon
Joaquin Castro Won’t Say Whether He Supports Harris’s Medicare for All Plan, Elimination of Private Insurance Plans

Purported hackers stole U.S. evidence to discredit Mueller probe: filing

Jorge Ramos: US Must Accept Border ‘Nothing More than an Invention’

Investors Business Daily
Voter Fraud: Yes, Noncitizens Are Voting In Elections — Texas Just Proved It

Real Clear Politics
Howard Schultz: I’m A Billionaire, I Thought That Was The American Dream

You Tube
After Anti-Semitism Accusations, Rep. Omar Compares Israel To Iran & Claims It Is Not A Democracy

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