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November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, It’s outrageous that all other news outlets have joined forces with CNN. CNN and Jim Acosta are protecting themselves not freedom of the press. It’s irrelevant that the media is reporting on itself that fellow news organizations are filing Amicus briefs–these are all pseudo events. Notice that none of these other media organizations have filed suit against the White House, they simply signed on to support CNN because they have no case. They wouldn’t tolerate Acosta’s behavior in their studios and judges wouldn’t allow it in their court rooms. CNN and the others need to be reminded that they are there for the American people, to report the news not debate the president. The media no longer reports the news, they create the news and that is not protected by the first amendment. Then, it seems there’s no Constitutional Crisis after all, as the White Office of Legal Counsel has concluded that the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is in fact legal, Constitutional, and in compliance with federal law under the Vacancies Act. Also, CNN’s Jake Tapper’s demanded evidence of voter fraud in Florida. Here’s his evidence – the Florida Department of State has asked federal prosecutors to investigate altered election documents tied to the Florida Democratic Party. Why wasn’t this story broken on CNN? Because CNN’s not investigating. Finally, Michael Avenatti was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Dept for alleged felony domestic violence as reported by TMZ entertainment news.


Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats

Mark Levin Show
DOJ Office of Legal Counsel has definitively concluded that the appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting AG complies with the Constitution and federal law.

Document Cloud
Trump Administration’s Response to CNN


Washington Examiner
Illegal alien charged with triple murder was a ‘dreamer’

Washington Free Beacon
Sherrod Brown Goes Off: ‘If Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Win in Georgia, They Stole It’

The Federalist
Ilhan Omar’s Election Shows Democrats Aren’t Interested In Confronting Anti-Semitism

Virginia Gives Away the Store to Amazon

Daily Mail
Polar bear numbers are so HIGH they threaten native Inuit populations, claims controversial Canadian government report bitterly contested by environmentalists who have made creature the icon of global warming

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