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February 6, 2018

February 6, 2018

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, We are told that Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel America needs and if anyone can stay on course and not be deterred by the winds of politics, it is him. Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump, the man who fired a professional ally of his, James Comey. This sounds like a conflict of interest. Comey and Mueller botched the investigation of the anthrax case by focusing on an innocent man, Steven Hatfill for 5 years. Comey and Mueller ignored tips on the real killer and went after Hatfield. They destroyed Hatfill’s life and never apologized as they never had any evidence. These are men whose egos are beyond description and Mueller is investigating Trump. Then you have Mueller’s right hand man, Andrew Weismann. He went to the Hillary Clinton victory party and sent a text to Sally Yates in support of her decision to resist the Trump immigration order. Weismann, Mueller, and Comey, think they run the country and are all focused on destroying Trump and his administration. In addition, the Democrats and media use this the dossier to diminish President Trump. This has been a massive propaganda campaign by Democrats and the senior levels of the FBI. After that, the progressives and Herbert Croly’s idea is that we must reject our history and recognize and rally around the views of the elite. Croly tied historical progress with material egalitarianism and wanted to regulate the distribution of wealth. Progressivism emphasizes social engineering and centralized government. This is why you have a war on our culture, because there is no eternal moral order. Progressives use populism to promote fascism or communism. Later, now you can’t shut down the government. On and on the progressives create a scenario which is an apocalypse if the government shuts down. The administrative state is the fourth branch of government, and where is that in the Constitution? In order to fund the military, we also now need to give citizenship to illegal aliens. That is the choice the Democrats want us to make. To add, MS-13 is a brutal gang and they are difficult to stop. However, the Democrats say unless we get a certain amount of aliens to become citizens they will not support the wall.


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