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January 25, 2018

January 25, 2018

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The White House has done something extremely disappointing; they have taken DACA and expanded it to include Dreamers which brings the number to 1.8 million and offered them citizenship. This is a bigger number than even Barack Obama contemplated. Those outside of the 800,000 are those who did not come forward. Some are crooks and criminals and others didn’t have evidence that they came here as children. But we are told not to worry because of concessions the White House got. After this, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review calls in to talk about DACA. The main problem is that the DACA compromise President Trump and the Republicans are engaging in is the wrong mix of ideas and politics. They have lost their leverage and Democrats don’t have any incentive to agree with them. They will just pocket the 1.8 million and not build the wall like Trump had campaigned on. Democrats are just doing to Trump what they did to Ronald Reagan, promise border security while not appropriating the funds when they reclaim power. In addition, you will see the pretend conservatives come out and say: “What do you want perfection”? There is no perfection, that is just a diversion and Republicans are giving Democrats numbers they didn’t even dream of. This is why we need serious people of substance talking about this. Later, FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were concerned on being too tough on Hillary Clinton, because she might be their next President. There is your obstruction of justice.


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