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January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, The Democrat party has shown they are the party of illegal immigration and the party of government shutdowns. The legalization of DACA is not the top priority of the American people. Republicans have a moral imperative to stop giving in to Democrat blackmail, and should stand their ground. There are bigger moral issues than whether or not DACA is legalized, like the massive debt crushing future generations of Americans. We never talk about ExxonMobil or Apple shutting down because they don’t unless they go bankrupt. The private sector is so much more responsible and responsive to the American people than the Federal government. The Democrat party that built the federal leviathan is the same party that tells us we can’t survive without it, yet they want to shut it down. Also, Wikipedia is not a legitimate source of information, but a left-wing propaganda mill. Just like Google and Facebook, Wikipedia has a definite liberal agenda and slimes all conservatives. Wikipedia is unreliable, and much of what is on it is propaganda. Later, leftists in blue states and blue cities are embracing the lawless arguments and rogue positions of the old Confederacy with sanctuary city and state policies. This is why states like California are losing productive people; nobody wants to put up with this ideological anarchy.


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