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Ten months ago I broke down the case of domestic surveillance against Trump world…

Not only has the case I made been validated, despite my being attacked by many liberal media outlets, it has led to the uncovering of even more stunning revelations — including the Fusion GPS-Russian dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign and DNC; the use of that dossier by the Obama administration to justify surveillance of Trump world; the reassignment of a high level DOJ official who met with Fusion GPS and whose wife worked for the outfit; the involvement of pro-Clinton political partisans at the top levels of the FBI in instigating and leading the investigation of Democrat Party alleged “collusion” between Russia and Trump world; and the instigation by fired FBI Director James Comey — who leaked several memos, including one to a law professor friend, who in turn leaked it to the New York Times at Comey’s direction — for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the politically motivated “collusion” allegation.

Check out the video: