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September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, We have just armed up the most aggressive, detestable terrorist-state on the face of the earth, Iran! They’re on their way to building nuclear weapons! The Obama administration cut a secret deal with Iran to permit the terrorist-sponsoring regime to violate restrictions put in place by last year’s nuclear deal. These are impeachable offenses for the whole top-level of the Obama administration, the president on down. This is the fate that President Obama has sealed for the American people. In addition, this Iran Deal is a treaty and should have been put before the Senate as treaty. However, it wasn’t and Mitch McConnell and Bob Corker did nothing to stop the President. The warnings of Mike Lee and other conservatives in the Senate went unheeded. In the end, this deal makes war with Iran absolute. Later, Trump gave an excellent speech with a 10 point proposition for immigration. Included in this plan, is to stop funding for sanctuary cities, end catch and release, build a wall and make removing people who overstay their visas a top priority. America would be far better off if we can stick to this plan.


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